To heal a wound you need to have heart,but to heal a heart you need to have soul. 

Sharene Duncan

Sharene Ducan Registered Nurse, specialist Mental Health

Sharene Ducan
Credentialed Mental Health Nurse


I am a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse working in Mental Health with clients with a variety of mental health disorders.

I have worked both in the public hospital system in the Adult mental health sector and as a community nurse.  I have a passion in mental health promotion and all things that promote personal development, nourishment and peace within ourselves.

I work with individuals and families and I support them to grow the life that is theirs.

I help my clients to create awareness, of themselves, to see patterns, behaviors and feelings that prevent them from doing the same thing over and over which prevents them from moving forward to have the life they want.

Women who feel that they “should not,” self nourish because they feel it’s “wrong,” or selfish. We all deserve to live the life we want and to feel truly alive and whole doing what serves us well.

Repeatedly I heard from my clients their many stories that all shared one commonality – animals.

By talking about this with them opened up a whole new concept to me about how my clients were when they were talking about being with their pets and how they felt when they were with them.


I too had experienced this after one of our foals was orphaned.  I began to care for the foal and over time was able to see power of the bond and trust that developed between us and how that made me feel.  My filly trusted me and looked to me for protection at times.

This often made me think how this is very similar to the lives of humans and how when our needs are not met or we are not provided with the necessities of life we are not able to grow and flourish in our own truth and often loose site of who we are and what we are meant to be.

This bought home to me the importance of connection and how quickly and easily my horse evoked feelings in me.  After some experimentation I was able to explore these more deeply with the assistance of another – problem areas came to the surface and I was able to process these giving me the ability to change unhealthy or unproductive behaviors. Because of the experiential nature combined with the power of the horse, EAL and EAP results are lasting.

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I have been trained by the Equine Psychotherapy Institute and am now practicing the EPA Model.

I offer a therapy where by people feel comfortable and more at ease and open (without the constriction of four walls and a normal therapy room),  I help facilitate along with my horses the opportunity for people to explore themselves safely and more deeply.

Horses have provided me with opportunities for personal growth, learning, connectedness and healing for myself and now I am assisting others to do so.

I believe in ongoing learning and professional development. I have completed my Masters in Mental Health Nursing, becoming a credentialed Mental Health Nurse under the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses. I have obtained a graduate certificate in Gestalt therapy and have recently gained a provider number for private health care rebates allowing my therapy to become more accessible for clients. (Provider number 5161422J)

I have a love of people and providing support to help others empower themselves and achieve their goals.


Having looked at a few websites and Youtube videos over the years, I decided to jump in and see what this ‘horse therapy’ was all about.
I had plenty to bring to the session to work on and had experienced talking with Psychologists in an office setting.
Sharene was extremely welcoming and put me at ease quickly.
The setting was amazing but what I still am reeling about is the speed at which I was able to engage, deeply focus on and open up to an issue I generally spend a good amount of time actively avoiding.
I’ve had plenty to do with horses, but have never experienced the belonging and acceptance I felt once I ‘got real’ with myself and her lovely steeds.
I’ll be returning – the 5 hour round trip was definitely worth it!


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Jess was born on our farm and six months later her mother died.  I started looking after Jess.

I have never had anything to do with foals before not had I ever educated a horse to go under saddle.  It was because of Jess that I learned new ways of being in a relationship.

It was like she always had something to tell me but I just never knew what she was saying or what the message was she was trying to give me.   She was awesome.   She trusted me and looked to me for protection sometimes.

She let me show her new things, she would sit with me in the paddock, we would lay down together and just hang out.  A friend of mind introduced me to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and suggested I take a deeper look.

That opportunity opened by eyes up to a new way of being with me and my horse, other people and showed me how I can incorporate this model into my work, my life and my horses.

I believe that Jess has truly given me a gift that I will always be grateful for.   Sometimes I feel like she has shown me the way along with my incredibly supportive husband who has never lost faith in my ability to evolve into new areas of my life.

I have since ridden Jess and that feeling of her truly trusting me and letting me hop on her back was a memory I will never forget.   She allowed me to connect with her in a new way that intensified my relationship with her and we rode around together just feeling our way.

It was an incredible experience.






Banjo is the full brother of Jess. He is very unlike her.

He can be timid but then he can present himself to others in ways that continually surprises me.

He is curious but likes confirmation from others.

He likes to know he is safe and is very aware of his boundaries. He likes to keep his personal space.







Our rock!. He is gentle, respectful, confirming, smooth and I think a bit of a Casanova.

He wins over the hearts of a lot of people. Nothing much bothers him.

He likes to stand by and “check out,” clients and then is keen to jump in an offer his assistance.

I call him our “smooth operator.”






Say hi to “Brigalow,”

The resident stud.

Father to Jess, Banjo and Matilda


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