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Jess and Banjo

Jess and Banjo

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning is an innovative and experiential approach that offers a psychotherapy and counseling alternative to the bounds of the traditional psychology clinic.

The therapy model is reasonably new to Australia, and was developed by Meg Kirby the founder of The Equine Psychotherapy Institute.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning, is conducted by trained, certified practitioners, this holistic therapy captures a relationship between horses and humans in a safe, ethical and standardised environment. All horses have been vaccinated against the Hendra virus.



How does it work?

Trust, touch and communication with the horses

Trust, touch and communication with the horses

Horses display a variety of non-verbal behaviours that are different to humans.

In these behaviours the opportunity for a unique and authentic relationship is apparent, via reflective and non-judgmental feedback.

When experienced by humans, these skills have been demonstrated to elicit feelings that facilitate the unlocking of unhelpful cognitive and behavioural patterns, and their emotional consequences.

This is not horse riding and no horse experience is required (or expected).

The aim of Equine Assisted Therapy is to encourage individuals to develop a self-awareness that will promote empowerment, health, and balance in their lives.

Based on the long supported techniques of Gestalt Therapy, the Equine Assisted learning model has been demonstrated to assist with healing across a variety of domains – physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually.


What can I expect?

Individuals taking part in an Equine Assisted sessions will be provided a one-to-one, personal experience, tailored to their needs in a safe, supportive and genuinely caring environment.

Here they will learn about the therapeutic process, as well as the theoretical and practical path of how horses facilitate change in humans and each other. In doing so, participants will discover the benefits of a special relationship that is unique, alive and grounded in the present.

We are here to help

Who should attend?

Equine Assisted Therapy is offered to a large range of adults, young adults or children with relationship or mental health difficulties.

Working with the practitioners you will be able to start to peel away the layers to expose the root cause/s of the relationships issues whether in your home, school, work or community life.

You will be assisted and partnered  through the barriers that are preventing you leading the life that you would like to lead due to an ongoing mental health issue or circumstance that has transpired into life restricting behaviors.


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Whats the next step?

Contact one of our practitioners via our contact page and talk through whether Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning is right for you.

Its innovative, different, safe, ethical and conducted by qualified, professional practitioners, so why not take 5 minutes to talk with us.


“It’s the simple nature of working with horses which highlights what we fear to see that enables us to unlock our innate abitliy to heal ourselves. That’s the power of Equine psychotherapy. “ Client know as L

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