One on One and One plus One Sessions 

These sessions can be done as an individual or as a couple.

Brisbane North Equine Assisted Therapy are specialists in all areas of mental health.  They take the much needed time to ensure that each client is comfortable and assessed as an individual.


They do not discriminate nor do they generalise a clients condition and prescribe a stock standard form of therapy.

Experiences with the horses or horse are offered that are specific to the needs and issues of the client.

Together the practitioner and the client works with what unfolds during the interaction with the horses while addressing the unfinished business which is standing in their way of a successful relationship with themselves or each other.

At the start of each session grounding awareness and education about the horses and safety guidelines are thoroughly stepped through so at no time do the horses or the clients feel uncomfortable.

Our therapy is conducted out in the open air, away from the confines of a clinic, surgery or hospital room.  Experiences with the horses can be offered in a large riding arena or a smaller round yard, paddock.

Clients can expect to meet the horses individually or as a herd.  Specific experiences are created by the practitioner that best suits the needs of the client at the time and the presenting issues.

Some experiences can include but are not limited to liberty work, (which is when the horses are freely moving around the paddock at free will) or on a lead and can include grooming, leading.

Change can happen by building awareness of our unconscious patterns by that we express and hold in our body, our emotions, our core beliefs or when we are in relationships with others.

It is the unique practitioner-horse-human relationship that supports change and healing.


 Group Workshops and Education Sessions 


Group sessions and tailored workshops can be offered to organizations and or professionals to assist in areas such as Team building, Communication, Leadership and Personal development and Growth.

Horses give support to the therapeutic process, they  teach us healthy functioning. They offer us feedback that is unique supporting growth and change.

Horses have the ability to communicate information in a very unique but clear and direct way.

Our practitioner will lead the group through the understanding of the horses communication signals – by observing the horses and discussing with the practitioner what horses teach us we can learn how to develop stronger our interpersonal communication, how to collaborate with colleagues and others and become more productive as a team member.

By understanding our own communication we can build better trust and respect which in turn leads to stronger  group / team cohesiveness.

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 Corporate and Leadership Education Sessions 

TouchGreat communication can be the success of every relationship, project or business, it can also be the downfall of relationships, projects or businesses.

People hear what you say not what you meant to say so learn how to send the message the in a way that you want it received.

Horses have the ability to show us our non verbal behaviors, this can teach us that the way we present ourselves to others may be giving the wrong impression.  Our messages may be taken differently to the way we thought we sent it or wanted it sent.

Through our sessions you will develop self awareness skills in relationship with the horses. You will build awareness of patterns and identify and shift behaviors that are limiting or stopping you from moving forward into developing great communication and leadership skills.

Learning the different communication styles of individuals will assist in knowing how to communicate personal or professional feedback in a way that you will be confident that it will be received in a positive and constructive way.

You will learn tools to increase the capacity to tolerate feelings from your position and will  explore and experiment with new ways of being and behaving.  We will guide you to realize that you have the power of choice so that you can integrate all aspect of yourself and increase your capacity of awareness of self.

Develop new life skills and support life with purpose and right action.

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